Soleil Trinket Tray

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Celebrate the sun's nurturing warmth and sustenance with this Soleil Trinket Tray. Featuring a stylized image of the sun in a palette of warm apricot shades, this small receptacle is the perfect home for your tiny treasures.

Find life's littlest things right where you left them. Gleaming rings and errant keys, diminutive keepsakes and bobbing baubles, everyday possessions are forever reclaimed when given a place all their own. Ensure their safekeeping atop your nightstand or work desk, by the sink or bath. Each fanciful tray is made to be adored, whether brimming with trinkets and treasures, or left to their own designs. 

  • 4.75 x 4.75 inches
  • Glazed Ceramic
  • Hand Wash

      About the Soleil Collection: In an array of intricate patterns and abstract geometric designs, Soleil shines a light on sunny 70’s-inspired shapes and the fine lines of Art Deco details. The dynamic repetition of celestial symbols create a burst of movement across the surface of this design. An inviting palette of terracotta and earthy neutrals illuminates this cheerful collection and radiates brighter days ahead.

      Designer: Elisa narrowly bypassed the corporate world and joined the creative team for project-based design and illustration. Finding it difficult to imagine a time B.P. (before Pinterest), she now brings her vision board and imagination to life through her designs.

      About The Brand: Danica Studio was founded in 2009 in Vancouver. The beauty and energy of that unique combination have brought together designers from all over the world, who collaborate on designs inspired by their shared love of textiles, travel and the beautiful West Coast. Danica Studio recently launched the Danica Aboriginal Award with Emily Carr University of Art & Design. They also have a long-standing commitment to donating a portion of profits to Education Without Borders, a non-profit organization that provides educational opportunities for disadvantaged and at-risk children around the world. 

      Designed in Vancouver, BC