Tulsi Rose

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Description: Tulsi Rose, 4.25oz. Smells of Palmarosa + Bergamot.  

Garden Grown Tulsi - Known for its adaptogen benefits when taken internally. Externally it is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, helping skin problems such as acne. It also contains many vitamins and minerals so its great for the skin. 

Rose Petals - They are said to have the deepest connection with the heart. Alleviating sadness, boosting confidence and fighting depression. They improve the skin's texture and act as a nerve tonic and an aphrodisiac.

Organic Coconut Oil - A highly emollient base oil, great for skin and hair. 

Olive Oil - High in beneficial vitamins and minerals, makes an excellent conditioning oil for dry hair and body. 

Organic Shea Butter - Highly emollient, aiding in softening skin.

Ingredients: organic coconut oil, olive oil, organic shea butter, garden grown tulsi extract, ultramarine pink, biodegradable pink sparkles, blend of essential oils.

All soaps are created in small batches. They are each hand stamped and hand cut with love. Contain no harsh chemicals or preservatives. 

Artist: Celia, the owner and creator of Cucamanga, has studied and practiced art for the majority of her life and has a BFA in photography from OCAD University. Cucamanga specializes in wildcrafted artisanal skin care products, utilizing wild harvested and organic botanicals from the Laurentian Forest in Quebec, Canada. Cucamanga's vision is to transport you from your home into the depths of the forest for a moment, while supplementing your skin with natural, wild nutrition. 

Handmade in Quebec, Canada.