Nuts About Fall Cappuccino Candle - Burboned Pecan

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Aren't these candles just adorable? The scents are amazing! Perfect for fall :) You can also reuse the cappuccino mug when the candle is done!

8oz Cappuccino Candle

Scent: NUTS ABOUT FALL - Burboned Pecan.  A glass of bourbon by the fire with some candied pecan pie. This scent encompasses the perfect end to thanksgiving dinner. 

Crackling Wood Wick

30 Hour Burn


Clean Burning 

Phthalate & Paraffin Free

Candle Care + Burning Tips: Wood wick candles are all the hype these days and make for a super cozy mood with their crackling wicks. But, they can be a little tricky to burn if you’re not used to them!

On first burn, let wax reach a full melt pool to avoid tunneling. (At least 1-2 hours) to let the wax melt all the way to the edge of the container. If this doesn’t occur, something called “tunneling” can happen where a tunnel will essentially form, making it difficult for the wax around the wick to fully melt. At times, the tunnel can become too deep for the wick to “breathe,” and the candle will have trouble staying lit. With every consecutive burn, keep wick trimmed to about 1/8” inch. Do this by pinching off the curled bits of the black, not the entire black portion! If candle flame is dimming and seems like it may go out, let it burn for 20 more minutes. If low flame persists, blow it out, wait for wax to harden, then pinch off a bit more of the black portion. For best results, use a BBQ lighter (hold it to the wick for about 5 seconds) to properly fuel the flame. Remember, patience is key here! Wood wicks take time to maintain, they are more high maintenance than cotton wicks! 

You can try these tricks if candle won't stay lit:

  • Scrape out the tunneled wax with a knife, until the wax is even with the surface of the wick
  • If the wick is able to stay lit and tunnel isn’t too deep, let it burn for 4-8 hours for it to fully burn all the tunneled wax down and “reset” the memory of the candle. Flame height may dwindle but so long as it stays lit, let it burn! 
  • If the candle won’t stay lit because it is “drowning” in the wax (maybe the wick was trimmed too short), you can use a paper towel to soak up excess melted wax to allow more room for the wick to breathe. 

For best burn results, make sure to keep your wick trimmed to 1/8”- 1/16”. You can do this by breaking off the top black bits of the wick with your fingers! If you find that breaking the charred bits isn’t doing it, you can also use nail clippers (weird but it works!) to trim the wood a bit more. 

Maker: Nicole Rosa makes these fun candles! She believes scent is our most connected sense to memory so she started making candles that reminded her of home since she's a flight attendant and is always travelling. She started by making some for herself and gifting them to friends and family as well as putting some in her moms restaurant. Before she knew it, everyone started buying them. Nicole also has a mug obsession so she figured the mug could be used after or regifted. Also, the wood wick crackles like a campfire. Who doesn't love a good camp fire! 

Made in Toronto, ON