Mini Reusable Candles

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Bonfire: This cozy candle (literally) smells like campfire. Fragrance notes of cedar, vanilla, smoke. Reminds me of nights roasting marshmallows by the fire!

Cafecito: Slightly sweet and spicy, this coffee fragrance will remind you of your favourite coffee. Fragrance notes of coffee, dulce de leche, cocoa. The hot air of a coffee that has just been made.

Cielo: Sweet notes of figs, cassis and amber. It is both soft and fruity but with a little woodsy touch, almost sweet. A calming and soft scent. The instant joy of sunshine in the morning.

Eucalypto: A refreshing, minty and woodsy fresh clean aroma. With the smell of fresh eucalyptus, relaxation is a must!

Foresta: A relaxing, fresh and nostalgic forest fir scent. Perfect for the holidays!

Heirloom: With its light notes of cloves, chestnut and cedar, it will become your new favourite scent for a soft and comforting atmosphere. Perfect for warming up chilly evenings at home.

Size: 3 oz and burns for approx. 15 -20 hours - A speckled grey little cup. The perfect size for your next double espresso. Functional with a unique design, it will bring warmth and pleasure to your morning. If you are not fan of coffee it can be used as a container for your jewelry or as a small jar of spices for cooking etc.

These candles are hand poured in small batches, using natural soy wax, premium cotton wicks and non-toxic fragrances. Phthalate-free. 100% vegan. No Parabens.

About The Brand: Mimi & August makes exclusive and affordable products without compromising the quality and the living conditions of the people who produce them. Their story started in Camille’s little homemade workshop in her parents’ house. After studying in design, she started creating custom swimsuits for her friends and family, without realizing that swimsuits were really popular among her entourage. Shortly after, during a fashion show, she met Joao. Both decided to combine their expertise and create their first label "Mimi Hammer Swimwear." By the end of summer 2015, they created their second label "August." With this label, they wanted to create well-designed products for an everyday lifestyle. That’s why Mimi & August is the union between our two brands that shares the same values. Illustrations is at the core of the Montreal based company. They make every product unique and personalized, whether it is for swimsuits, clothes or accessories.

Made in Montreal, Quebec