Day Drinker - Strawberry, Peach, Elderberry & Mint Infusion

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A juicy blend of strawberries, peaches, lemons, elderberry, & mint leaves with organic cane sugar. The perfect combination for day drinking - you can be the life of the party at noon and in bed by 5pm with this drink. 

Suggested infusion: gin, vodka, tequila or water. 

Just add your favourite alcohol or water and BAM! You're a bartender.

How to make:

Fill - Empty package into a jar & add 12oz of you favourite alcohol or water.

Fuse - Seal it up & refrigerate for 3 days for maximum flavour.

Sip - Shake & strain into 1.5oz shots & top with 3-4oz sparkling water, stir & enjoy.

Need an instant infusion?

Fill - empty the package into a pot, add 12oz of your favourite alcohol or water & warm over the stove.  Do not boil or overheat the alcohol.

Fuse - once the temperature is warm / hot turn off the heat & let it fuse for 15-20 minutes.

Sip - once cool, shake, strain into 1.5oz shots& top with 3-4oz alcohol or water, stir & enjoy.

Each infusion package makes 8-10 drinks and contains approximately 5 grams of sugar or 20 calories per serving.  Compare that to a simple glass of juice at approximately 30 grams or 120 calories.

Did you know...

Elderberry is a superhero when it comes to its antioxidant powers.  It can even boost your immune system and reduce the severity of cold and flu like symptoms.  Strawberries and peaches are rich in vitamin C, manganese, iodine, potassium, folate, vitamin B2, vitamin B5.  Mint is a wonderful digestive aid with its' soothing properties and ability to reduce stress.

About The Brand: Karen created Fuse and Sip with a simple philosophy in mind, to create a beautiful and delicious drink with no artificial flavours, sweeteners, or preservatives using all-natural fruits, flowers, herbs, and organic cane sugar. All ingredients are 100% pure sourced from Canadian suppliers with no additives. Simple, clean and beautiful — a natural cocktail drink mix with health kicks! Oh and they taste AMAZEBALLS!

Handcrafted in Squamish, British Columbia